Dr. Helmut Farbmacher
University of Mannheim

University of Mannheim; Spring Term 2018

Educational Economics



  • The introductory meeting is Friday (16.2.) from 8.30-10.00am, P043, L7, 3-5.

Term paper and grading

The seminar will cover a variety of topics in education economics, for instance:

  • The effects of school starting age
  • Private and social returns to education
  • Genetics and educational attainment

The goal of this seminar is to give an overview of interesting research questions in educational economics. The students should be enabled to understand basic concepts in educational economics and microeconometric methods, and to utilize recent results for their own applied work.

Details of the course will be discussed and a short lecture will be given during the introductory meeting on Friday (16.2. 8.30-10.00am, P043, L7, 3-5). The seminar will be held in English. The seminar presentations will be during the semester (always Friday 8.30-10.00am, P043, L7, 3-5).

The seminar paper must be substantially your own work. It must be written in English. To keep chances equal, I will not answer specific questions to your seminar paper. Submission is online via email in pdf-format.

Please do not simply copy the paper but present it in your own way, explaining the important concepts in own words. This will be a major part of your task. When you copy results or tables from other studies, try to focus on the main information, which is relevant for your argument. Do not simply copy and/or discuss all results.

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